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November 24th, 2017   Open 8am-9pm


November 27th, 2017

There will not be a service charge for on-line certificates!

MeltAway Massages For Relaxation

Includes  Inhale- Aromatherapy, Heavenly Heated Table, Heat Treats)

50 Minute MeltAway Massage  $55.00   

60 Minute MeltAway Massage  $65.00

90 Minute MeltAway Massage  $93.00

Therapeutic Custom Facials


50 Minute Facial   $55.00
60 Minute Facial   $65.00  

90 minute Facial  $93.00

Soothing Stone Massage  

Save $25!

60 Minute Session            $ 80
90 Minute Session            $109



Do Not Disturb Couple's Retreat Save $100.00! Sale Price $260.00

Pampering begins with our wonderfully relaxing "sedate me" scalp massage, followed by your duet Meltaway Massages enhanced with a wonderfully relaxing retreat for the feet scrub and European Mud! Foot soaks & extra time to un-wind in slippers & robes make this truly an experience to remember. 90 minutes hands on time 2 hours total time


24 Carat Gold Facial  60 Minutes $180.00 Sale $115.00
24 Carat Gold Collagen Add- On Mask $50.00 Sale $35.00
24 Carat Gold Facial and Gold Collagen Add- On Mask $150.00
As stated above, these gift certificates will only be available on the following dates: November 24th and November 27th 

Terms and Conditions: 
Certificates can only be purchased IN PERSON at the Commack office, 208 Commack Road, on Friday November 24th and Monday November 27th. They can be purchased online on Monday, November 27th.

Please, keep in mind that these sales are not advertised to the public. They are our way of saying “Thank you for your patronage.”  We want to continue offering you these great rates, but we ask that you help keep our costs down by following the rules we have laid out. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

·      We have significantly reduced these prices. Certificates may be paid for by credit card, but again, not paying processing fees helps keep our costs down which can be passed down to you!

            The maximum amount of gift certificates per customer are 4 for yourself and 2 for others

 Certificates are NOT TRACKABLE. If lost or stolen, gift certificates are unable to be redeemed.

Expiration Dates

When used after the expiration date, certificates revert back to the original purchase price and may be used towards any regular priced session. If you have had a major life event, ex. cancer, please let us know and we will consider extending the expiration date.

 ·     An individual can use up to six certificates at these special rates.  If you have more than six, you can use the certificate at the price that was paid for it, and receive an additional $10 discount towards the REGULAR price of a massage or facial.

 Confused? Give us a call at 631.462.4263 and we'd be happy to answer any questions.

If you would like, you have the option to PRE-ORDER gift certificates.

Please just e-mail Preorder@MyMassageCenter.com with the exact date you will pick the gift certificates up(choice of the 3 dates mentioned above), what special(s) you would like to purchase and how many certificates you would like for us to put aside. Then you can just stop, pay and pick them up.