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Long Island Couples Massages

Facials and Spa Experiences

at your home or your choice location. Mobile Spa Serving Suffolk and Nassau County Long Island

We bring the Ahhhh and the Spa to You!
When Massage is one part of the experience...
Let us create a Pampering Oasis for you and yours!
We bring the Spa decor from lighting to aromas...
  from roses to chocolates....
 to hand soaks and foot soaks....
and more....
Make Memories!

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away."

Which experience it right for you and yours?

Mom and Me, BFFs, Girls Night In and More!

Makes a Terrific Gift!

Hands On Spa On The Go Signature Massage Embark on a journey for your entire being with our signature head- to- toe massages.  Experience Aromatherapy, Hot Towel Treats and a Hot Stone Sampler to melt you and yours, away from the rest of the world

60 Minutes $270 per couple 75 Minutes $300 per couple 90 Minutes $325 per couple 120 Minutes $400 per couple

Four Hand Massage - Double Your Pleasure with 2 Therapists for The Two Of You! Is it worth paying double? You bet it is! *Warning; four hand massage may be addicting.

Get Spa’d!  Our custom massage and a rich array of indulgent treats for your scalp, face, back, legs and feet, will bring you one step closer to heaven. A true spa experience for your body and your mind. 75 Minutes $370 per couple 90 Minutes $395 per couple 120 Minutes $470 per couple

Celebrate and Indulge  Merge pampering, celebration and quality time together. The long strokes of our signature Swedish massage, hot towel treats, aromatherapy and hot stone sampler will melt you and yours into oblivion. This wonderful spa experience includes tantalizing foot soaks, "De-Stress By Chocolate"  Oversized Over-The-Top Truffles and delicious bubbly beverage. Allow extra time for Foot Soaks and Sweet Treats!

60 Minutes $330 per couple 75 Minutes $360 per couple 90 Minutes $385 per couple 120 Minutes $460 per couple

A Perfect Pairing! You and yours / A massage and facial/ Therapy and Stress Reduction. Embrace the spa experience!

Hands On Spa2Go Signature Massage / Customized Facial

60 Minute Signature Massage and 60 minute Custom Facial $470 per couple

75 Minute Signature Massage and 75 minute Custom Facial $535 per couple

90 Minute Signature Massage and 90 minute Custom Facial $585 per couple

Renew. Refine. Rejuvenate.  Back to basics with a back and basic spa treatments. It’s a scrub and a rub  for your back , a lush hydrating wrap for your body, a customized therapeutic facial and of course, a head to toe signature massage. The bare necessities, for sure!

2 Hours Total Hands Time per person $560 per couple

2 1/2 Hours Total Hands On Time per person $625 per couple

3 Hours Total Hands On Time per person $675 per couple

4 Hours Total Hands On Time per person $820 per couple

Muscle Tension Melt Deep tissue Massage, a/k/a It’s Hurts So Good Massage, is geared towards Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage and Muscle Detox.  Includes Homeopathic Massage Oil containing eight different remedies. Each of the remedies helps relieve discomfort from pain stemming from various causes.  There is no other massage oil in existence with this level of healing power.  Homeopathy is a safe and effective means of stimulating the body’s own healing response, gently and naturally.  They gradually improve health and well- being of an individual mentally, emotionally and physically.. Hot Stones compliment this deep work. Use of Biofreeze will be easy, because we will leave you a tube, however, it shouldn’t be used until after 12 hours of your session!

60 Minutes $285 per couple 75 Minutes $320 per couple 90 Minutes $345 per couple 120 Minutes $415 per couple



I Wanna Be Sedated Scalp Massage Ahhh… the aroma of herbal infused pure essential oils and cool fingertips running along your neck, gently rubbing the tension away from your spine. They make their way up the back of your head. You close your eyes to rest. You're not dreaming -- you're enjoying our “I Wanna Be Sedated Scalp Massage” 20 minutes each $75.00 per couple

Foot Soaks Let us pamper you and yours from head to toe! Enjoy warm feel good footsoaks in a warm comfy spa robe a slippers. $45.00 per couple

Champagne and "De-Stress By Chocolate" Oversized Over-the Top Truffles Celebrate! $40.00 per couple
Hot off the Stresses Enjoy the cozy warmth of our gel-fuel fireplace. Ambiance and Romance booster! $30.00
Devine Decadence Scrumptious Lush treatment for the Hands.... Indulge! No additional time. $30.00 per couple 

Focus On Feet Whether you’ve been pounding the pavement in pumas or pumps, your feet are entitled to some ahhh spa moments! Feel Good Foot Scrub followed by strokes, squeezes, twists and kneading ending with a  rejuvenating complex of Lavender, Litsea and Peppermint is the perfect treat for hard working feet. No additional time. $30.00 per couple

Let us spoil you and yours with our,  "Hands On at Home" Couples Spa Date Menu offering a pampering spa day and then.... don’t get dressed, don’t get up. Chil-lax! We know where the door is....

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Long Island Couples Massage mobile experience
Long Island Couples Spa Mobile Experience
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