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Especially For Men

Try our Especially For Men Services. Great for the hard working, over-stressed and over-worked man. It is our pleasure to introduce to you several treatments that will make your visit with us the ultimate journey in spa experience.


Designed as an inviting and modern Massage Therapy Center and Spa-aah, Hands On brings traditional and modern approaches for healing. At Hands On we are pride ourselves on being a gender neutral environment. You will feel that a precise balance between comfort and elegance, relaxation and therapy.


You are invited to enjoy a single treatment or to spend a few hours  with us. You will find we offer an extensive menu or please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will assist you and guide every step of the way to create a therapeutic experience that you will be delighted in.

Melt Away Massage Therapy For Relaxation

50 MINS $69, 60 MINS $80, 90 MIN $109, 120 MIN $145

Melt away pain and stress with an all- inclusive wellness session with treatment enhancements

Geared towards breaking the stress-cycle


Intention Sedate your body and sedate you mind


Goal – To trigger your “Relaxation Response” “Quiet Mind” “Quiet Body”


Techniques – We practice the art of relaxation customized for individual needs.


Includes – A Hot Rock Sampler, Hot towel treats, a heavenly heated table and Aroma Therapy (50 minutes or more)


Areas treated – sometimes focused areas such as neck and shoulders, most often full body (Scalp, face, neck, shoulder, arms, hands, chest, buttocks, legs and feet. Session will be customized


Frequency:  Most often monthly but can be every week or every few days

For the Fella's Facial

60 Minute – $80.00

Look better than your years after our signature facial! Leave with a fresh and youthful appearance and simple steps for a home regimen. A deep cleansing and nourishing facial designed specifically for the special skin care needs of men. The treatment soothes the skin as it refines pores. Specifically addresses sensitivity, razor burn, weather exposed skin and the eye area. For all skin types.

The Ouch Back

45 Minute – $88.00

The deep penetrating heat of our paraffin wax layered on the back, coupled with a 30 minute Massage session, targeting all related musculature, is sure to bring many OOHHS and AHHHS!

Back Facial

60 minute  $95.00

This thorough yet relaxing facial is a deep cleaning and de-stressing treatment specifically designed to clean, exfoliate and hydrate the often neglected back and shoulder area. The treatment begins with a facial specific to your skins needs and completed by a therapeutic massage to address your needs from the outside in. Oily and acne affected skin.

Soothing Stone Hot Rocks Massage Therapy

$105.00, 90 Minute $134.00

Just take a minute to imagine lying comfortably while a path is traced along your muscles using warm soothing stones and oil. Ahhhhhhhh! Feel yourself melt into oblivion as soothing warmth emanates from heated river stones strategically placed to deeply penetrate into sensitive pressure points. The smooth texture from the stones combined with long, calming strokes relaxes and rejuvenates you from head to toe while relieving muscle tension 60 Minute

The MeltDown


Deep Tissue Extended Massage Session with Steam Therapy. This session begins with a steam treatment to relieve tension and soothe and prepare the muscles for the massage that follows. The therapeutic massage portion incorporates traditional massage, trigger point work and deep tissue work geared towards specific, targeted muscles. Ideal for enhancing athletic performance and/or chronic muscle tension spasms and those stubborn knots. Approx. 40 Minute Massage / 20 Minute Steam

Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage

50 Minute – $105.00

The “Knot” So Basic, Basic Session includes 50 minutes of Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage complimented with Lavender and Chamomile Eye Tea Bags, Aromatherapy and strategically placed heat packs.


The amount of even pressure that is applied to the body in barefoot massage can rarely be done by the hands. Since the foot is bigger, it covers more tissue, with the result that greater pressure can be applied without bruising the client, and can be held for an extended period of time, thus stimulating a larger area at one time and increasing a larger amount of circulation.

The Ouch Back Deluxe

75 Minutes – $125.00

Experience a warm paraffin treatment applied to the back (shoulders to waist) that will be massaged off during a rejuvenating 60 minute massage therapy session. G’Day, Mate!

Relax to to The Max for Him

2 hours $160.00

60 Minute Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage Coupled with a 60 Minute Gentleman’s Facial

The Works Face For Him


Leave feeling glowing and refreshed with our Classic Facial, VIP Lip Treatment, and For Your Eyes Only treatment that the latest innovation in anti-aging. Not only look good but feel good as Herbal Eye Tea Pads are combined with a Facial Massage to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. 90 Minutes Total Time

The Works Body for Him

120 Minutes – $205.00  90 Minutes – $135.00

The soothing and sensual Aroma-infused Body Treatment is followed by our “I Wanna Be Sedated” Scalp massage and a Lush Hydrating Wrap for the hands. The day of luxury will be completed with the sensual aroma of roses as her feet are enveloped by Rose Mud or his feet are massaged with cold and hot stones.

The Whole Works For Men


A Day at the Spa! The Works Body, The Works Face, Spa Lunch and a Foot Soak – Thank him without saying a word! This Whole Works treatment speaks for itself as it transforms the body and transports the mind. 3 1/2 hours Hands On Time, Allow Approx. 4 Hours