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Foot Soak, Scrub and Massage Experience on Long Island!
Foot Soak, Scrub and Massage Experience

"A single rose can be my garden...a single friend my world" - Leo Buscaglia

Quality Time with Friends in Commack NY
Quality Time with Friends

Come and get a foot soak with a friend today!

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Hot Stones and Lavender Make for a Wonderful Upgrade!

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Amazing Experience!

Make Memories!

Each foot has over 7,000 nerve endings, 26 bones, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles; it is meant to move in 150 different ways!


Let Us Show You How Good You Can Feel!


Monday- Friday 9am-9pm

Limited Saturday and Sunday Hours


Spend quality time with a friend in our Tranquility Room . Relax in the calming atmosphere and unwind with loved ones in a secret oasis... 

Your cares melt away as we indulge your senses with calm-inducing music, low warm lighting and comfy, cozy relaxation chairs. Our Tranquility Room visually stimulates the senses in creating a calming sanctuary, ensuring that you leave feeling better than when you first arrived. It lends itself to soft conversation. Friends or loved ones often share this nurturing experience, making time together most memorable! A hot cup of tea, combined with this unique spa experience, reminds you that life is meant to be lived well.

We offer foot soak creations, inspired by a variety of lifestyle needs from invigorating to restful, all blended with your comfort, mood, and relaxation in mind. We ensure ideal temperatures based on your comfort by continually heating the water, or adding a cold splash.
Our Scrubs are handmade with good wholesome, natural ingredients. Exfoliation never felt better or was better for you!
Our Massage includes your feet and lower legs. And, For Feet's Sake, nobody does it better than our licensed, experienced therapists!

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Foot Sanctuary Exclusive!


Serenity Foot Soak, Scrub and Massage Experience

30 minutes Total Time 20 minutes Hands On Time $46.00

Sale Price $34.00

 Tranquility Foot Soak, Scrub and Massage Experience
60 Minutes Total Time  40 minutes Hands On Time $80.00 
Sale Price 60.00
Signature Foot Soak, Scrub and Massage Experience
90 Minutes Total Time 60 minutes Hands On Time $100.00
Sale Price $80.00


Black out Hours and Days Often Apply!

Foot Sanctuary Limited Hours

Monday- Friday 9am-9pm

Some Saturday and Sunday Hours

SuperStress Solution Session


De-Stress without the Undress! Try our amazing new foot massage sessions, designed for ultimate relaxation, without having to get undressed. This spa session is catered especially to your lower legs and feet. Enjoy a hot towel exfoliation followed by massage with a refreshing peppermint lotion. Escape the wind and rain, enter our calming oasis, and stay warm and cozy with a luxurious blanket. Our foot sanctuary can accommodate up to 6 guests, so feel free to bring your friends.

Our SuperStress Solution Sessions are a great way to start or end a spa day!


On sale for the rest of the year for $1 a minute!

20 minutes        Regular Price $34       Sale Price $20

30 minutes         Regular Price $45       Sale Price $30

45 minutes         Regular Price $63       Sale Price $45

50 minutes         Regular Price $69       Sale Price $50

60 minutes         Regular Price $80       Sale Price $60


For just $10 add on a foot soak plus 10 extra minutes for back, shoulder, neck and scalp massage! Limited Time Offer!

Reflexology Type Massage Uses “reflexology techniques” such as thumb walking (pressing into the feet with the thumb in short measured movements over an area), rotation, etc. We do not use any lotion with this type of pressure point massage. This is a “ahhh it feels so good“ massage with the intention of relaxation.


Foot Massage Massage techniques, involve effleurage (sweeping, stroking, flowing movements), kneading, stretching, rotating, rocking movements. Lotion is used. Warning:Falling asleep is a common side-effect!


Please keep in mind we are LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPISTS.

Nobody does bodies better!

Suggested Up-Grades


Custom Blended Foot Scrubs


 "Zen" Rocks Rock Your foot soak will contain Smooth river stones which provide a natural way for the reflex points at the bottoms of the feet to be stimulated. Then a  pure indulgent hot rock treatment for your lower legs and feet, creates a warm relaxing de-stressing experience. The use of hot rocks produces intensified contact and directs energy to areas of blockage and tension.


Mud, Wraps and Foot  Masques combined with Herbal Infused Scalp Oil Massage


Nourishing Eco-fin© for the Hands or Feet The Eco-Friendly Paraffin Alternative combined with choice of scalp, face, shoulder or hand/arm massage. A rich blend of palm, soy, jojoba, and organic coconut oils, plus shea butter, vitamin E, and essential oils moisturizes and leaves the skin soft and supple.


Cool Peppermint Leaf Compresses Aid in circulation and feel wonderfully invigorating! A complimentary warmed neck wrap and belly pack will easily chill-ax you as you completely recline in our special chairs that will envelop you and want you to consider a nap!


Variation Footbaths such as Milk and Honey, more


Or try upgrading from epsom salts to -

Minera Dead Sea Salt - $3

Exactly the same salts as used in the spas and treatment centers around the Dead Sea in Israel. Minera dead sea salts have not been bleached, mineral depleted, or refined in any way. It is a standard ingredient for the cosmetic bath and spa industry and a popular treatment for skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt - $4

Virtually untouched by any pollutants or toxins, this salt has been used for thousands of years for its unique crystalline beauty, medicinal properties and unique taste. Himalayan salt is rich in nutrients and minerals. Since many of these elements are found naturally within our bodies, they are easily absorbed and utilized on a cellular level, contributing to our health and well-being.

Healing with Water

There is nothing quite so soothing and relaxing as a leisurely soak in a hot foot soak. As the warmth of the water cradles your feet, providing relief from the constant pull of gravity, your psyche is refreshed and restored, the weight of the world momentarily lifted. Add a few drops of well-selected essential oils and you approach nirvana.

Water is nature's greatest and most effective solvent. It acts as a liquid suspension, carrying a variety of minerals and chemicals, depending on its source. Many believe that when we immerse our feet in a warm bath, our skin rapidly begins to absorb chemicals that are suspended in the water. We may feel the effects in as little as 2 to 15 minutes.  That is why adding essential oils to a bath is such an effective aromatherapy treatment.

The amazing virtues of water have been sung throughout the ages. Ancient myths featured countless sea nymphs, mermaids, and water goddesses. It's no wonder that most ancient gods and goddesses associated with water were believed to be sources of life, fertility, and fecundity. Water is our element. We most likely evolved from aquatic creatures. In any event, our first months of life were spent floating in an amniotic bath. In our dreams water symbolizes the ebb and flow of our emotions. We use water for cleansing, refreshing, and relaxing. Water is the basis for our body's evaporative cooling system. It flushes out toxic wastes, plumps up our cells, and lubricates our moving parts. Water is crucial to our survival. Without it we would literally dry up and blow away!

Foot Massage Spa in Commack NY
Soaks + Scrubs + Massage = Ahhh Spa!

"My best times have gone from laughter to memories, my best friends have gone from friends to family"


"Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest...It's about who came and never left your side"


"A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails"

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 Life can become hectic and crazy, pulling us away from the company we cherish so much. Don't let it slip away... 

Please keep your voice at a whisper or what we call, a Spa Voice.

Please shut all cell phones. Not texting is appreciated.

Children cannot be accommodated, and teenagers under 18 must be accompanied by parents.

We suggest that you wear comfortable pants that are easy to roll up and refrain from shaving legs prior to any session.

Please leave valuable jewelry at home.

Foot massage is extremely safe therapy; however you must seek medical advice if you are in any doubt about any medical condition.


You should not be treated if you have any infectious disease or contagious illness, recent or healing fractures, unhealed wounds or open cuts, active gout or severe circulation problems or under the influence of drugs or alcohol- including prescription pain medication


Should you have any of the following conditions, you must inform your therapist or esthetician, so they may take necessary precautions: