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A gratuity is welcome when coming in for relaxation or preventative maintenance and in addition you happen to have pain or discomfort.


Should you wish to leave a gratuity, 15-20 percent is customary, but you may of course leave more or less, depending on the quality of the service. You may leave it at the reception desk when you pay your bill or give it directly to the therapist. Be assured your therapist will receive 100% of the gratuity. Please note that most gift certificates do not include a gratuity.

Medical Massage

Gratuities for a full Medical Massage service or patients that are coming in with pain are not accepted. A combination massage, which can is partial medical or relaxation are different, and gratuities can be accepted for those types of treatments.

Spa Parties

For our guests’ convenience, we automatically add 30 cents per minute of your massage or facial session gratuity to your credit card when services are charged, so you will not have to be concerned with it on the day of your Spa Party. Guests will have the discretion to adjust these gratuities based upon the level of service received. This includes the option to adjust gratuities (up or down) for any reason. In order to do so, the guest will need to call the Director or Event Coordinator within 24 hours after the party.


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