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Visualize Calm It sounds New Age-y, but studies, have found that it’s highly effective in reducing stress. One Visualization Example would be:  Imagine you’re in a hot shower and a wave of relaxation is washing your stress down the drain. Or try -Close your eyes,...

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Top 4 Health Screenings for Men Over 50

As we age, there are necessary medical screenings that should be conducted on an annual or semi-annual basis. In order to live a healthy and fulfilling life, it’s crucial to be proactive and check your body to prevent life-threatening illnesses. It’s especially important to check up...

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Headaches: The Great Productivity Killer

Headaches are one of the greatest productivity killers. When you’re trying to get something done and a headache comes on, it’s game over. Even if you try to make it through, you’re not going to be nearly as productive and you’re likely going to be...

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Self Massage Tips – Hands

It may seem surprising that people carry so much tension in their hands, but it’s quite obvious when you think that we use our hands constantly. Most of our movements are holding, clutching actions, so it is very relaxing to counteract these by opening the...

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Want fewer doctor visits, even if it’s telehealth?

It's becoming more difficult these days to make doctor appointments and it's rarely enjoyable anyway. Regular visits are very important, but what about needing less of them? The Association of American Medical Colleges projects a shortage of about 30,000 primary-care physicians by 2025. It may take...

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