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Infrared Sauna & More

“Clear your head and relax your soul with the gentle warmth of our low EMF Infrared Saunas. Discover how good you can feel”

Health Benefits

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. Infrared Infrared Saunalight can penetrate human tissue, which in turn produces a host of anti-aging benefits that will help you to achieve your wellness goals.

Sweating is good for you; it is the body’s safe and natural way to heal and stay healthy. Infrared sauna detoxification happens by heating the body directly (causing a rise in core temperature). This results in a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where toxins reside.


Infrared is a gentle, soothing, and therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation and improved sleep. Infrared sauna benefits include therapy that helps you relax, while receiving an invigorating deep-tissue sweat, leaving you fully refreshed after each session.


Infrared sauna heat penetrates tissue, joints and muscles to relieve anything from minor aches and pains, to chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia. Pain management professionals incorporate infrared sauna heat therapy into treatment plans to decrease pain and muscle spasms and to speed up recovery time.


These are just some of the ways an Infrared session can help you be your best! Try it! You’ll like it!


The infrared sauna is a bit different than your traditional sauna. There is no steam. The sauna heats the person not the air. As the body temperature rises the blood vessels dilate and circulation is increased. The increased blood flow accelerates the body’s natural healing process. This increase in body temperature also signals the nervous system to signal the millions of sweat glands covering the body. This often brings on deep sweating. Enjoy a heat therapy that is as relaxing as it is beneficial.


Consult your physician first • In the event you experience pain and/or discomfort, immediately stop sauna use.

Infrared Sauna Pricing

  • 20 minutes $20 per person or $30 for two people
  • 30 minutes $30 per person or $45 for two people
  • Party Guests $10 per person when pre-booked


Bring a bathing suit with you or a cotton tee-shirt and shorts for use in the Sauna. We will provide you with a towel and slippers and you will be able to take the slippers home with you. You may take the towel off in the sauna, but you must leave your bathing suit bottom on and your slippers. Thank you for your cooperation.


We recommend reading over the list of far infrared sauna advisements and contraindications prior to booking your sauna session. Please contact us directly if you have any further questions.

Advisements and Contraindications

Any of the below described contraindications will require you to use discretion for your own wellbeing. Severe medical conditions or pregnancy will require a note of authorization from your doctor prior to the use of the Infrared Sauna.


Diuretics, barbiturates and beta‐blockers may impair the body’s natural heat loss mechanisms. Anticholinergics such as amitryptaline may inhibit sweating and can predispose individuals to heat rash or to a lesser extent heat stroke. Some over‐the‐counter drugs, such as antihistamines, may also cause the body to be more prone to heat stroke.

Pregnancy/Breast Feeding

Pregnant women should consult a physician before using an infrared sauna. A doctor’s consent is required. If breast feeding, do not use the infrared sauna. A detoxification process will produce the expelled toxins into your breast milk.


Heating of the low back area of women during the menstrual period may temporarily increase their menstrual flow.


The body must be able to activate its natural cooling processes in order to maintain core body temperature. As we mature, our bodies naturally lose this capability. Guests over the age of 70 will be permitted for infrared sauna use, however, at a lower temperature.

Cardiovascular Conditions

Individuals with cardiovascular conditions or problems (hypertension/hypo tension), congestive heart failure, impaired coronary circulation or those who are taking medications which might affect blood pressure should exercise caution when exposed to prolonged heat. Heat stress increases cardiac output and blood flow in an effort to transfer internal body heat to the outside environment via the skin (perspiration) and respiratory system. This takes place primarily due to major changes in the heart rate, which has the potential to increase by thirty (30) beats per minute for each degree increase in core body temperature.

Alcohol/Alcohol Abuse

Contrary to popular believe, it is not advisable to attempt to “sweat out” a hangover. Alcohol intoxication decreases a person’s judgment; therefore, he/she may not realize when the body has a negative reaction to high heat. Alcohol also increases the heart rate, which may be further increased by heat stress. Guests who appear intoxicated or inform us of alcohol consumption prior to use of the sauna will forfeit their scheduled appointment and no refund or credit will be issued.

Chronic Conditions/Diseases Associated With Reduced Ability to Sweat or Perspire

Multiple Sclerosis, Central Nervous System Tumors and Diabetes with Neuropathy are conditions that are associated with impaired sweating. Hemophiliacs/Individuals Prone to Bleeding – The use of infrared saunas should be avoided by anyone who is predisposed to bleeding.


An individual who has a fever should not use an infrared sauna until the fever subsides.

Insensitivity to Heat

An individual with insensitivity to heat should not use an infrared sauna.

Joint Injury

If you have a recent (acute) joint injury, it should not be heated for the first 48 hours after an injury or until the swollen symptoms subside. If you have a joint or joints that are chronically hot and swollen, these joints may respond poorly to vigorous heating of any kind.


Metal pins, rods, artificial joints or any other surgical implants generally reflect infrared waves and thus are not heated by this system. Nevertheless, you should consult your physician prior to using an infrared sauna.


The magnets used to assemble infrared saunas can interrupt the pacing and inhibit the output of pacemakers. Please discuss with your doctor the possible risks this may case. In the rare event that you experience pain and/or discomfort, immediately discontinue sauna use, and exit the sauna.

Himalayan Salt Domes: Price varies based on other services

Hand-carved Himalayan Salt Domes produce a beautiful glow and ambiance. They are warm foot revitalizers! Rebalance, revitalize and gently cleanse the body and mind as the gentle light and warmth radiate from the smooth salt surface onto the surface of your feet and up through your body, melting away stress and fatigue. Not available for spa parties.

Himalayan Salt Domes
Stress Relieving Foot Soak

Stress Relieving Foot Soak $15

Ohhhh... those tired dogs! Add a refreshing, revitalizing foot soak to your Sauna session and or your Inner Wellness Session! You deserve it!

Find your calm today in our tranquility lounge


Great for Pain, Great for Relaxation!


Can be offered for Couple Sessions

Infrared Sauna

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