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Conscious, diaphragmatic breathing is like a massage for your internal organs!

You may find it difficult to follow these instructions and be tempted to breathe into your chest. Have patience. Unfortunately, most adults no longer “belly breathe.”  If you are fortunate to have an infant or young child you can observe, you will see, that we start out belly breathing and then I guess…. life gets in the way.

To begin

Relax your shoulders and when possible, Breathe in through your nose and Breathe out through your mouth.


Imagine that there is a balloon in your stomach


Inhale– fill up the balloon in your belly.


Exhale– deflate the balloon.


Start out very slowly and only try a few breaths at a time, but practice a few times a day. Breathing will change naturally as a result of structural manipulation. Have patience, take your time and enjoy the enhanced feeling of well being through conscious, diaphragmatic breathing.


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