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Massage Combinations And Spa-aah Packages

I Want To Be Sedated Scalp Massage 30 minutes - $55.00 Let us spoil you with a 20 minute scalp massage with herbal infused oil

A scalp massage oil with Jojoba oil and herbal infused pure essential oils. Designed to relax and revitalize. Great for tension headaches, stress and insomnia as well! Will also combat a dry and flaky scalp. Can include neck and shoulder massage!

Retreat For The Feet 30 minutes - $60.00 Just like the name says!

Begins with hot, moist towels wrapped around the feet… warmed aromatic salt massaged in to stimulate circulation and exfoliate dead skin cells… A European Rose Mud Mask is applied to draw out toxins and leave the feet petal soft. A great way to de-stress without undress!

The Ouch Back and Ouch Back Deluxe 45 minutes - $88.00 | 75 minutes - $125.00 Let us replace your Ouch with an Ahhh!

The deep penetrating heat of our paraffin wax layered on the back (15 minutes), coupled with a 30 minute Massage session, targeting all related musculature. The Ouch Back Deluxe 15 Min Paraffin layering

Ladies Choice 60 Minute - $92.00| 90 Minute - $121.00 Balancing special aromas for her special needs

Designed specifically for women to help restore balance and ease stress. Precious oils are combined with a massage therapy session geared towards a woman’s special needs.

Mommy Massage with Focus on the Feet 60 minute - $95 Stop the clock, have a break and improve vitality!

Tired Mind, Tired Muscles and Very Tired Legs! Spoil her with a massage customized to a woman’s personal needs. Reduce stress, decrease swelling, relieve aches & pains, & reduce anxiety and depression. Includes Retreat for her Feet Experience!

Soothing Stone Massage 60 minutes - $105.00 | 90 minutes - $134.00 Melt into oblivion with this wonderful, pampering session

Just take a minute to imagine lying comfortably while a path is traced along your muscles using warm soothing stones and oil. The smooth texture from the stones combined with long, calming strokes relaxes and rejuvenate you from head to toe. The hot stones also expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

Bliss On The Rocks 60 minutes - $110.00 | 90 minutes - $134.00 Hot Stone Massage plus aroma = Bliss

Experience the deep penetrating heat of basalt rocks! Melt your stress and muscle aches away! Complimented with aromatherapy that will be sure to please!   With the use of the hot stones and the skilled touch of a knowledgeable massage therapist this treatment can induce a profoundly grounding effect.  Hot stone massage and aromatherapy can truly help reconnect the body with the soul.

The MeltDown $105.00 Alleviate muscle knots plus steam therapy! Ahhhh!

Deep Tissue Extended Massage Session with Steam Therapy. The therapeutic massage portion incorporates traditional massage, trigger point work and deep tissue work geared towards specific, targeted muscles. Ideal for enhancing athletic performance and/or chronic muscle tension spasms and those stubborn knots. Approx. 40 Minute Massage, 20 Minute Steam (Total Time: 60 minutes session)

Ashiatsu - Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage 50 minutes - $105.00 The deepest! Knot so Basic Session!

Includes 50 minutes of Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage complimented with Lavender and Chamomile Eye Tea Bags, Aromatherapy and strategically placed heat packs. The amount of even pressure that is applied to the body in barefoot massage can rarely be done by the hands. Since the foot is bigger, it covers more tissue, with the result that greater pressure can be applied without bruising the client, and can be held for an extended period of time, thus stimulating a larger area at one time and increasing a larger amount of circulation.

Spa Sampler 60 Minute - $120.00 Try it, You’ll love it! Sample Some Spa Treatments

A refreshing sample of all things spa! From the top of your head with our “I Wanna Be Sedated Scalp Massage” to the tip of your toes with our Retreat for the Feet Sampler. Your pampering experience will also include a soothing, Lush Hydrating Wrap for the Hands and a tension relieving back massage with our heated Stone Sampler.

I Got Your Back, Scalp and Feet Treats $107.00 Delightful and invigorating back scrub plus scalp and feet treats!

An Aromatic Back Scrub will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated a long with a peppermint foot scrub and rub. You’ll certainly understand why we named our herbal infused scalp treatment our “I Wanna Be Sedated “Scalp Massage. It’s all about you for 50 minutes! May be done by a Massage Therapist or an Esthetician. (Total Time: 50 minutes Session)

Signature Body Treatment 60 Minutes $105.00 | 90 minutes $134.00 Leave your body energized and your skin hydrated, nourished, and silky smooth all over!

Our Signature Body Treatment blends many worlds of treatment together to transport the senses and transform the skin. We combine many of the most potent and efficacious ingredients mother nature has to offer to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, stimulate the lymphatic system, and create an exceptionally relaxing, pampering session. We will sedate your muscles and calm your mind leaving you feeling renewed and radiant, your skin feeling exceptionally silky and refreshed.

Mom's Spa Getaway $130.00 Great Stress- Relief combo for Mommy!

Whether she’s a stay at home mom or caught in the corporate world mom, a soccer mom or playing chauffeur mom or if she’s a carrying a baby on the hip mom or carrying your weight on her shoulders mom she will surely enjoy an Aromatherapy session, Retreat for the Feet sampler, A Lush Hydrating Wrap for her hands and a cooling facial refresher masque will make her feel special and loved! (Total Time: 75 minutes session)

Dad's Spa Getaway $130.00 Great Stress- Relief combo for Daddy!

Whether he’s a couch potato cheering for his team or a Weekend Warrior who just keeps over-doing it or a computer junkie or a news junkie or a young dad, old dad or grand dad, he’s sure to feel spoiled with an Aromatherapy session, Retreat for the Feet sampler, A Lush Wrap for his hands and a cooling facial refresher masque. (Total Time: 75 minutes Session)

I Love You This Much for Him or Her 80 minutes - $132.00 Succumb to the tranquility!

Extra time is extra special for that extra special person! Treat them to a Melt-Away hour plus a 20-minute “I Wanna Be Sedated” Scalp massage

Ice Breaker $134.00 Revitalize and uplift your mind, body and soul.

Warm Detoxifying Paraffin is applied to the back. While setting, enjoy a refreshing scalp and foot massage followed by 60-minute full body massage. (Total Time: 90 minutes Session)

Steam Treatment and Ultimate Relaxation Extended Massage $134.00 Enjoy Aromatic Steam and relieve your muscle tension!

A journey of total immersion into tranquil luxury and quiet relaxation… Beginning with a full body massage and additional time on the shoulders, back or feet, followed by the tension relieving warmth of an Aroma Steam. Includes Aromatherapy. Approx. 70 Minute Massage, 20 Minute Steam (Total Time: 90 minutes Session)

Four Hand Massage 60 minute - $160.00 Double the pleasure! If two hands feel great, imagine four!

This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go of thoughts. Not only will you emerge after the massage with relaxed muscles, but your mind will be clear of clutter. *Warning: four hand massage may be addicting

Relax to The Max for Him $160.00 Stress Buster Massage plus Gentleman Facial!

60-minute Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage coupled with a 60-minute Gentleman’s Facial (Total Time: 2 hours)

The Works Face for Her or Him $135.00 Facial plus Lip and Eye treatment for a spaahh-beautiful you!

Leave feeling glowing and refreshed with our Classic Facial, VIP Lip Treatment, and For Your Eyes Only treatment that the latest innovation in anti-aging. Not only look good but feel good as Lavender & Chamomile Herbal Eye Tea Pads are combined with a Facial Massage to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. (Total Time: 90 minutes Session)

The Works Body for Her or Him $205.00 Relax, Refresh, and Rejuvenate!

The soothing and sensual Aroma-infused Body Treatment is followed by our I Wanna Be Sedated Scalp massage and a Lush Hydrating Wrap for the hands. The day of luxury will be completed with the sensual aroma of roses as her feet are enveloped by Rose Mud or his feet are massaged with cold and hot stones. (Total Time: 120 minutes Session)

The Whole Works for Her or Him $350.00 Emerge in a pampering experience that will lull you into a relaxing world of indulgence

The Works Body, The Works Face, Spa Lunch and a Foot Soak – Thank them without saying a word! This Whole Works treatment speaks for itself as it transforms the body and transports the mind. (Total Time: 4 hours Session)

A Day of Pampering $360.00 Breathe in tranquility as your body relaxes and stress gently melts away

Your path to ultimate relaxation begins with a 1 Hour Soothing Stone Massage complemented by the “I Wanna Be Sedated” Scalp Massage. The wonderful pampering continues with a Ahh Spa Body Treatment leaving you soft, moisturized and oh so dreamy. Face the world with a therapeutic facial customized to your exact needs! (Total Time: 3 hours and 15 minutes Session)

You Glow Girl! $185.00You’ll be refreshed and renewed for a spaahh-beautiful you!

This path to relaxation begins with our Signature Aromatic body treatment. We use one of the most potent and efficacious ingredients mother nature has to offer to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, stimulate the lymphatic system, and create an exceptionally relaxing, pampering session. Combined with our Classic Facial! (Total Time: 2 hours)

Royalty Rose Treatment $185.00 Pure luxury and relaxation for someone special.

Begin with a wonderful Rose Petal Foot Soak while enjoying the company of family or friends. Then depart to your private treatment room where you’ll find soft linens and a warmed, cushy table await you. Breathe in the aromatic fragrance of the French countryside as you surround the skin in a richly hydrating cocoon of European Rose Body Mud. This remarkable mud contains soothing Rose Clay extracted from the Provence region of France. European Rose Body Mud is the ultimate for skin refining and extreme hydration, perfectly suited for dry, delicate, weathered or aged skin. A soothing, sensual massage with our velvety rose oil follows and is the pinnacle of this Hands On signature treatment. Pure luxury and relaxation for someone special. (Total Time: 105 minutes Session)

The Gift of Roses $220.00 A sensual experience of pure indulgence.

This unique, blissful indulgence begins with a bed of fresh aromatic rose petals. The rose fragrance will delight your senses and awaken your heart chakra. You receive a full body, nurturing massage with rose oil before you are cocooned in roses and precious oils. A wonderfully, pampering facial massage will leave you feeling soothed and beautiful. A Rose Petal Foot Soak leaves your feet petal soft. Includes a Spa Snack and a single red rose. (Total Time: 120 Minutes | Hands On Time:  2 .5 hours)