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Though there can be multiple reasons for sciatica pain, very often, it is caused by the piriformis muscle. The sciatic nerve innervates the back of the leg, runs under, over, or through the piriformis muscle. Often, tightness or entrapment in the piriformis can cause sciatica, which it can cause intense pain in the low back, buttocks, all the way down the back of the leg into the foot. This is commonly referred to as piriformis syndrome and can be a pain in the buttocks!  Often people do not stand with their weight evenly distributed between the two legs. Almost everyone tends to stand with the weight shifted to one leg or the other. And that means, piriformis, which outwardly rotates the hip, is working overtime. Driving, especially long distances, can aggravate this condition. One of the worst things you can do to a muscle is to leave it in a shortened position for a long period of time, Most people tend to drive with their knees apart, thus keeping the hips outwardly rotated. That’s one reason so many people experience low back or leg pain after long driving. Therefore, stop frequently, even if only to walk once around the car. Keeping your wallet out of your back pocket will also eliminate undo pressure on the sciatic nerve, especially when sitting. Massage Therapy can often eliminate the pain associated with Piriformis Syndrome. The muscles may need to be  re-educated and the associated trigger points addressed. This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Always obtain qualified medical advice from your medical doctor before undergoing any treatment and for a proper diagnosis. DO NOT SELF DIAGNOSE!


We have developed a protocol for Piriformis Syndrome that has been life changing for many of our patients. A 30 minute medical massage session just might be your answer!


Marla Kaplan-Pelle, LMT, CLT, Director


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