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Got Allergies? Got Pain?


Consider An Advanced Medical Massage Technique, Manual Lymph Drainage


Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is an excellent therapy for assisting the body to collect and move lymphatic fluid. It most often addresses edema (swelling caused by fluid retention). This very light and rhythmical massage is used to clear congestion. MLD techniques can make an enormous difference to one’s health and well-being.


The medical profession is primarily interested in MLD due to its ability to help manage problems of lymphedema. This condition manifests as severe swelling of a limb, or parts of the torso, which can cause discomfort and inconvenience to the sufferer. It is most notorious as the treatment following lymph node removal after breast cancer surgery.


MLD techniques address the tiny lymph collectors just under the skin, the intricate network of lymphatic vessels are stimulated gently to transport the lymph efficiently along the appropriate pathways. The lymph is cleansed by the clusters of nodes it meets along the way and the clean lymph eventually rejoins the bloodstream via the large veins in the cervical area. This can be done with the patient fully clothed or not.

Allergies, Sinusitis, Migraines, Chronic Headaches, TMJ, More

Allergies such as hay fever, reactions to pollen, mold spores or other foreign body invaders will often cause the body’s immune system to go into high gear as it over reacts. The result is irritation and inflammation of the sinuses. MLD techniques can often relieve or ease these symptoms and remove the congestive material from around the facial area.


Edema of the mucus membranes and an impaired immune system can cause chronic sinus congestion and sinusitis. These conditions respond well to MLD because it has the effect of reducing the edema of the membranes while also boosting the immune system.


A migraine attack characteristically has sudden onset pain, which becomes unbearably sharp and is usually accompanied by nausea and even vomiting. It can be triggered by many factors. In the disease picture, the physical processes that occur result in edema accumulating around the blood vessels in the head and neck area, therefore MLD techniques are often very effective in treating migraines, and for the same reasons, chronic headaches.


TMJ Disorders can be brought on by a variety of reasons and have a variety of symptoms. MLD techniques will not correct the problem, however the swelling caused by these disorders can often be reduced by MLD techniques and that alone, can be a welcome relief to those that suffer with TMJD.


MLD has also been successful in treating acne, strains and sprains, healing of flesh wounds, pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis, symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation and much more. Clients who undertake a series of MLD treatments notice a dramatic improvement in their condition and additionally will usually find new energy, a feeling of lightness and improved skin texture. Additionally, because of the light, rhythmical strokes, the nervous system is calmed down and this lowers blood pressure, counters stress and improves sleep patterns.


As always, please seek medical advice….


Marla Kaplan-Pelle, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, MFRP, Director


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