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Trigger Point Therapy


Ever wonder what can be done to help headaches, neck stiffness, carpal tunnel type symptoms, frozen shoulder, back pain, low back stiffness, shin splints?


Trigger points are accumulations of waste products around a nerve receptor.  Trigger points form in muscles which have been overused or injured due to an accident or surgery.  They can present themselves as sharp pain, dull ache, tingling, pins and needles, etc.


Active trigger points are those which cause discomfort. Latent trigger points wait silently in the muscle for a future stress to activate them.  It is common to attribute this discomfort to other conditions, instead of our tight muscles which harbor trigger points.


Trigger points are not visible with traditional medical testing such as MRI or X-ray. When trigger points are not treated, they will create satellite trigger points in the affected area. For instance, a trigger point in the trapezius may cause a trigger point to appear in the temple. The trigger point in the temple then may cause a trigger point to appear in the jaw. And, voilà! – a case of TMJ.


Trigger point massage is not a relaxing, “fluff and buff” technique. It requires the participation of the client to communicate the presence and intensity of pain and discomfort. The therapist and client work together as a team to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.


It is common to find great improvement after one treatment. Repeated treatment may be necessary for those with chronic trigger points.  If you have any questions regarding Trigger Point Therapy or Massage Therapy, please contact Marla Kaplan- Pelle, LMT,MFRP, Director Hands On HealthCare Massage Therapy, P.C., 208 & 210 Commack Road,  Commack 631-462-HAND (4263)


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