O’ Beehave Wash

$45.00 $40.50

O’beehave Lavender Fields  Wash 15 oz-  Calm $45           Sale Price $40.50 

O’beehave Breathe Green Wash 15 oz – Sensitive $45      Sale Price $40.50 

O’beehave Baby Green Wash 15 oz – Lavender $45           Sale Price $40.50 

O’beehave Neroli Wash 15 oz – Hydrate $64.50                  Sale Price $58.00

Located out of Babylon Village. Jeanine AKA Bean is the owner. She offers refills on all products and uses glass containers rather than plastic to be more ecofriendly. This artisan produces simple, essential oil and mineral based products that work to heal damage and imbalances


Yes, these are washes, but they work great for massage and are extremely refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing!