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We Bring the Spa and the Aah to you!

A Spa Event is a unique way to celebrate any occasion from birthday parties, to bachelorette parties, to Bar and Bat Mitvahs, Sweet Sixteens Parties or graduations. On a place like Long Island, where everyone is always searching for the most engaging affair, a spa party or spa event will provide all of the enjoyment you desire.

Hands On Mobile Spa creates a one-of-a-kind experience that delivers high-quality professional spa treatments and innovative event concepts for individuals and organizations to be pampered at the location of their choice.

Hands On Spa Parties and Special Events can range anywhere from intimate events for six guests in your home to elaborate parties at offices, hotels, restaurants and conference centers. Private spa parties bring people together in a soothing environment that reawakens and rejuvenate the senses. Relaxing sounds, music and scents invite you to lose yourself and savor the moment.
Gorgeous decorations, soft music, lighting and spa ambiance, can help assure this becomes a day to remember! Delicious healthy food can also be included!

Looking to Just Add Some Spa Stations or Services With Out the Spa Party Set-up? With our Simply Spa Services or our Massage For the Masses, you can do just that! Choose from Spa Services that can include Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Facials or even consider our most popular station of all, our Mell-ow Shot station!

Massage For The Masses

Mell-ow Shots

OUR MOST POPULAR SERVICE AT $10.00 PER PERSON! Share with friends or family for $10 per person! Yes, and that includes the Gratuity! (1st 2 hours only)

Our Wandering Waitress (Licensed Massage Therapist) circulates around your party or venue & provides your guests with a spa bar of aromatherapy Mell-ow shots, that are used for mini massages of the neck and shoulders or arms and hands. If you prefer, a stationary station can be set up. This service takes up NO room because there's not ANY equipment needed, accept for our therapist's magical hands and the lotions which can be set up on any table or counter.

Affordable at $200.00 per Mell-ow Shot Station (plus $40.00 gratuity)  for 2 hours worth of services for a total of 24 guests.
Don't have 24 Guests? No Problem! Simply Split the 24 shots amongst the guests you DO have! Everyone will get MORE services!

Seasonal Foot Ritual Reflexology 

Oh those barking dogs! Soothe them with a quicky dry brush exfoliation, a reflexology-inspired pressure point massage followed by a seasonal finishing lotion! Fall - Pumpkin Spice, Winter - Peppermint Stick. Spring- Champagne and Rose or Chocolate, Summer - Mango or Coconut Lime $135.00 per hour

Hot Stone Back Massage 

Traditional Corporate Chair Massage done over clothes without the use of oil. A Hot Stone Sampler will melt clients/ staff/ employees/ guests, into oblivion. $130.00 per hour.

Lush Hand Treatments 
100 % pure Spa Feeling! A rich, soft, warming balm leaves skin perfectly hydrated. $15 per person when combined with our Relaxation Station. Event Hostess Necessary

Face Refresher Fabric Masque 
- Not quite a facial, but it is quite relaxing! $5.00 per person when combined with our Relaxation Station. Note- Not done by an esthetician! Event Hostess Necessary


Operation De-Stress Station  

Bring Your Stress to the Table and Leave It There!
Stress, stress go away and stay away… that’s the goal! Relax the body, mind and soul with simple, reduce the stress-on-the-spot activities. Learn the art of relaxation and rediscover the enjoyment in life. This is a true “Hands On” approach that will allow you and yours to “Take Home The Experience” of Relaxation. $100.00

Gourmet Tea and Water Station  

Bringing the Day Spa to Your Doorstep and your taste buds! A unique experience that really helps bring the spa home (or to the office) Choices include rich flavors and superior health benefits. $30.00 set up fee $4.00 per person.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries  

Seasonal Pricing. Arrangements Can Be Made.

Relaxation Stations  

Comfy portable recliners perfect for chill-axing! May include Treats for the Neck, Belly, Eyes. $50.00 set up fee. Event Hostess Necessary

Spa Decor  Prices Vary

Hands On Mobile Massage & Spa Services

Simply Spa Services

Basic Services. No Party Setup. No Spa Décor. 

2 Hour Minimum

Swedish Table Massage $135.00 per hour
Chair Massage or Hand Massages $120.00 per hour

Foot Massage $120.00 per hour

Bongers (special massage tool) Shoulder Massage $120.00 per hour
Relaxation Facials $135.00 per hour

Evening and weekend differentials may apply. Gratuities will automatically be added. Staff arrives 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start of services to setup. 2 Hour minimum and Spa Professional per event/location. Destination Fee may apply.

Looking for the ultimate gift or a unique way to thank a friend or colleague? Do you have clients to entertain, milestones to celebrate, or just want an evening with the girls or a mom's night in/out?

Relaxation and rejuvenation is the hottest trend for these special types of gifts and gatherings. Popular events include...

  • Mother' Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and Secretaries Day.
  • Thank You's for friends, family, spouses and clients
  • Milestones to Celebrate such as graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays
  • Wedding showers, receptions, and bridal parties
  • Corporate Events such as employee recognition, health and wellness fairs, meetings, conventions, and tradeshows
  • Sporting Events include golf tournaments, marathons, and biking events
  • Any other Custom Events

Let us customize an event for you!

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