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Long Island Couples Massage and Day Spa Dates don't any get better than this!.

Massages, Facials, Signature Body Treatments, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and More!


Relaxation...Aromatherapy...Peace...  and beauty combine to bring you peace for the body, mind and soul. A number of other Long Island day spas offer couples massage services, but here, pampering comes easy.  Hands On is the perfect place to take your senses to the extreme. Our goal is to help you relax, rejuvenate and revive. We offer many indulgent treatments with our Couples Spa Date Menu.

Our Couples Suites are an elegant sanctuary of health, beauty and well- being. Our newest Suite is referred to as the Himalayan Salt Suite. Inspired by the simple beauty of nature, our Himalayan Salt Couples Suite has been designed to harness the beauty and benefits of Himalayan Salt as we replenish your sense of well-being and balance. Himalayan Salt is said to purify air and promote good health. Crystallized over 250 million years ago, ancient sea beds were covered by lava, protecting the salt from modern-day pollution, and lending to the belief that Himalayan salt is the purest salt to be found on earth. Many claim that these salts have a variety of other health benefits as listed below. We don’t know if any of these claims are true, but we do know that relaxing as the Himalayan salt lamps, cast a beautiful, warm glow is truly a wonderfully, calming experience. And because we want to assure a “breathe easy” experience, we have incorporated the use of an air purifier in our special Himalayan Salt Suite. Enjoy the beauty of nature with our breathtaking Himalayan Salt Tower. Chromotherapy (color therapy) believers will find that the soothing light is often mood altering and reduces the suffering of insomnia. Also, this uniquel suite comes with beautiful fireplace.You will find the suite lures you in and excites and calms at the same time

Our two other Couples Massage and Body Treatment Suites also offer lovely fireplaces and a feeling of romance. However, moms and daughters or  friends and family will feel comfortable here. Please don't hesitate to request a specific suite, however we can not make any guarantees.


In the Luxe Suite you will find long, flowing drapes giving a feeling of luxury and times past. It offers a genteel style, yet it speaks of sophistication and grace. A private foot soak area can be found here which has been described as - an "oasis within an oasis." It’s the perfect memory maker. It’s a great place to celebrate any occasion with chocolate covered strawberries, a bubbly beverage and the warmth of the fireplace.

The Five Element Couple’s Suite is inspired by nature and "The 5 Elements Theory." You will find a unique environment in which to relax and renew. Fusions of Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal, are intended to heal and harmonize the mind, body and spirit, creating a sense of well-being. Spa experiences here are very intimate and private. Couples share a unique experience with each other that they cannot find elsewhere.


Our Couple’s Room are Duo-focused. They are simple and elegant. Soft music fills the air, while heavenly heated tables coax you into a state of relaxation.  Then add the most important ingredient of all …our licensed, professional, pampering massage therapists and estheticians who will turn your day into a dream-like existence!

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Fireplaces! Chocolates and Bubbly! Amazing Meltaway Massages, Hot Rocks, More!

Couples Massage Commack Long Island
Gourmet Oversized Truffles And Bubbly
Take Home The Experience
Delicious, Custom Made Oversized Truffles!
"De-Stress By Chocolate" Over-sized, Over-The-Top Gourmet Chocolate Truffles, Sparkly Beverage, a Sweet Aroma Candle and a Framed Picture!
A beautiful Memoir for 2015! $35.00
Couples Spa Date Menu

Decadent Duo
     A wonderful experience for the couple looking to celebrate! Indulge in over-sized, gourmet chocolate truffles served with a delicious bubbly beverage, followed by 60 minute Aromatherapy massages. Then back to celebrating your love for one another with more bubbly beverages and an absolutely tantalizing foot soak! Complimentary use of slippers and robes. **Substitute the truffles for chocolate dipped strawberries by request**



Ultimate Decadent Duo
    Also includes fireplace, choice of body butter, pumpkin spice river rock foot soak, over-sized, gourmet chocolate truffles and champagne, and 75 minute massages. **Substitute the truffles for chocolate dipped strawberries by request**




Ultimate Extended Decadent Duo
    90 minute Massages
*Suggested Upgrade* Cinnamon Chocolate Dipped Apple Wedges and Hot Cocoa instead of over-sized, gourmet chocolate truffles and champagne $10.00. Includes extra apples to enjoy later. **Substitute the truffles for chocolate dipped strawberries by request**




Romantic Spa-Licious Getaway · 75 minute Massage Therapy session · Either Chocolate or Champagne & Rose Body butter · Aaah! Spa Foot Ritual · Lush hydrating wrap for the hands · A cooling facial refresher masque. **This package does NOT include chocolates or bubbly** Add-on is available. 




Romantic Ultimate Spa-Licious Getaway 

    · Cozy fireplace · 100 minute Massage Therapy session ·Either Chocolate or Champagne & Rose Body butter · Aaah! Spa Foot Ritual · Lush hydrating wrap for the hands · A cooling facial refresher masque · Over-sized, Gourmet Chocolate Truffles · Bubbly Beverage




Spa Romance Package 
    • 75 minute Massage Therapy session • Either Chocolate or Champagne & Rose Body butter • A Retreat for the Feet Sampler • Enveloping the hands with a natural botanical serum • A cooling facial refresher masque **This package does NOT include chocolates or bubbly** Add-on is available. 




Ultimate Spa Romance Package 
     90 minute Massage Therapy session • Either Chocolate or Champagne & Rose Body butter • A Retreat for the Feet Sampler • Enveloping the hands with a natural botanical serum • A cooling facial refresher masque • Use of Spa slippers and robes • California Breeze Foot Soak • Over-sized, Gourmet Chocolate Truffles • Bubbly Beverage  **Substitute the truffles for chocolate dipped strawberries by request**




Sweethearts Package a/k/a Relax My Back to the Max! 
    Our Warm Chocolate Paraffin infused with vanilla, honey and nutmeg is applied to your back and it’s heat deeply penetrates even the tightest of muscles. 90 Minutes of Pure Muscle Melt Down! Then Relax to the Max with Bubbly, Over-sized, Gourmet Chocolate Truffles and a River Rock Foot Soak Hands On Time 1.5 hours / Total Time 1.75 hours **Substitute the truffles for chocolate dipped strawberries by request**




Cheap Spa Date for Men and Women, BFFs, Mother and Daughter... 
   a/k/a The Spa Retreat For Two
   a/k/a Affordable Couples Spa Date 
    a/k/a Frugal Couple Spa Treatment 
    a/k/a "Due to these economic times" Spa Session! 
    a/k/a Bargain Stress- Relief Spa Day

    a/k/a Discount without a coupon Massage and Facial Time Together!

Spa Hour Massage (50 Minutes) + Spa Hour Facial (50 Minutes) for 2! Includes Upgrade To MeltAway Massages! Heat Treats, Aromatherapy, Hot Rock Sampler!
Regular Price $322.00, Sale $276.00 per couple




Harmony and Balance Couple Experience
Stimulating skin exfoliation followed by a sedating relaxation massage. Includes optional herbal scalp oil and foot balm
60 Minutes  
90 Minutes $225.00




We Will, We Will Rock You ! 
Duet Soothing Stone Sessions! Side by side duet Soothing Stone Massage Sessions will make you melt into oblivion as soothing warmth emanates from heated river stones strategically placed to deeply penetrate into sensitive pressure points. The smooth texture from the stones combined with long, calming strokes relax and rejuvenate you and yours from head to toe. Ahhhhhhh!





Couples 4 Handed Ultimate Indulgence Package 
    4 Hands for each, 4 Therapists for the 2 of You!

Having two massage therapists massage those muscles at the same time certainly sounds luxurious. But is it worth to pay double the price of a single-therapist massage? You bet it is! *Warning; four hand massage may be addicting. 60 Minute Session



Do Not Disturb Couples Retreat
   MeltAway Massages, Retreat for the Feet time, Sedate Me Scalp Pampering, foot soaks and extra time to un-wind in slippers and robes. 90 minutes Hands On Time, 2 hours Total Time




It's Better Together!
    1  hour Classic Massage, 1 Hour Facial, 1 Hour Signature Body Treatment, Hand And Feet Lush Treats, Spa Snacks
Wellness begins here! Feels like Spa, works like therapy! 3.25 Hours Total Time




The Crème de la Crème

    Imagine yourself in warm slippers and robes in a beautiful, private couples suite. Customize your spa services by choosing your scented body scrub and body butter in front of the cozy fireplace...

Pampering begins with a full body exfoliation with your selected scrub. Then, you and yours will each be enveloped in a rich and creamy warmed body butter wrap. During the wrap, you will be sedated with a scalp massage using herbal infused pure essential oils... MeltAway Massages (which always include hot rocks and hot towel treats) and Fabulous Facials follow! A tandem, luxurious retreat for the feet is also included. Hot towels, aromatic scrubs, more hot towels, European mud and even more hot towels will melt you into oblivion! How can the day get any better?...With a tantalizing River Rock foot soak! Succumb to the last moment of Zen before you depart from the spa...Suggested add-ons include chocolate covered strawberries with champagne or cinnamon chocolate dipped apple wedges (includes extra to take home) with hot cocoa
for a day that you and your loved one will remember forever... Allow 4.25 hours

$50.00 Non-Refundable Deposit Required 72 hour Cancellation Policy




Suggested Ad-On The Chocolate Experience 
    The sweet scent of chocolate fills the air as we proceed with a Chocolate Wrap (30 minutes) for the two of you, followed by delicious decadent chocolate treats, enjoyed while soaking your feet! (Additional 15 minutes unwind time.) Complimentary use of Slippers and robes. How Sweet it is!



Himalayan Salt Room Suite Exculsives

Essential Yours

     Enjoy the purity and clarity of the Himalayan Lamps as you experience a pampering 90 minute Swedish Massage designed to deeply relax and sedate your mind, body and spirit. A pampering Himalayan Foot Scrub will leave you with a feeling of ahhhh! 

Optional Upgrade - Dead Sea Salt Facial Refresher Masque



Decadent Getaway

     A wonderful experience for the couple looking to celebrate! Indulge in custom made chocolates topped with Himalayan Salt served with a complimentary bubbly beverage, followed by 60 minute Aromatherapy massages. Then back to celebrating your love as you enjoy warm foot detox domes that are said to absorb and extract toxins from your body, support blood circulation, and reduce swelling. We just know they feel great! Complimentary use of slippers and robes.90 Minute Session; 60 Minutes Hands On.



Himalayan Warm Stone Experience

     Long flowing massage strokes and hand-carved warm massage stones are used to gently soothe away accumulations of stress, tension and pollutants. Himalayan Salt is said to ground and balance the body’s electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians. We just know they feel good! Helps bring the mind, body and spirit, into balance. Total 60 Minutes.



Harmony and Balance Couples Massage Experience

     It is said that the two complementary forces make up all aspects and phenomena of life. Engaging the cooling effect and the warming effect of Himalayan Salt Stones this session results in very deep relaxation, improved sleep and reduced inflammation in addition to mild detoxification and exfoliation. Our massage stones are artisan carved artisan from pink Himalayan salt crystals to provide a euphoric calming massage. Exfoliating, mineralizing and gently detoxifying, they leave skin radiant and muscles deeply relaxed. These stones contain 84 essential minerals and trace elements that deeply penetrate to alkalize, detoxify and gently purify toxins, release stress and tension, relax tired muscles, alleviate aches and pains, exfoliate and moisture the skin, replenish your sense of well-being and balance. Great for those who suffer from anxiety and insomnia, muscle pain or tension. Total 75 minutes.



Fire, Rock, Water and Light

     Our signature treatment blends the natural elements of The Spa — Fire, Rock, Water and Light — into one luxurious experience. Treatment includes indulgences such as a full body exfoliation, hot towel treats, a lush hydrating body masque and a relaxing, pampering massage. Feels like an entire day at The Spa. Total 90 Minutes.



Sanctuary Of The Senses Experience

     This journey through the senses begins with gentle exfoliation, sloughing off daily stresses and free radicals. We continue with drizzles of the finest rose essential oils, ensuring the entire body is enveloped. These oils further penetrate the skin, softening it, as we provide a warm, full-body wrap. Finally, you are given a relaxing half-hour massage. A Take Home The Experience Gift is yours to enjoy. Total 75 Minutes.

Long Island Couples Massage: a Virtual Tour!

See our 3 Beautiful Couple's Suites!

Couples Massage Deposits and Multiple Session Deposits Are Non-refundable
Couples Are Often Friends, Moms, Sisters and Daughters!
Surrender to the warm, inviting, relaxing atmosphere....

A wonderful, memorable side by side pampering experience for both of you.

Listen to the bubbling of our tranquility fountain...

Enjoy soft music and candlelight...

We are sure to make you feel like you have just found heaven.
Consider These Finishing Touches
Pumpkin Spice River Rock Foot Soak $15.00 each! 
California Breeze Foot Soak $15.00 each!
Sparkling Beverage and Chocolate Covered Strawberries or Gourmet Truffles $35.00 per couple!
Spa Savings Coupon
Mid Week - Mid Day Special
Non-Holiday Days • Monday- Thursday 9AM- 5PM • 20% off Couples Spa Date Menu
Must mention this massage spa coupon when booking.
Must present coupon on arrival of session.
Can not be combined with any other offers or discount massage.
Regular Priced Sessions Only. Can not be used on Gift Certificate purchases.
Can not be paid for by Spafinder, Spawish or any type of Gift Certificate.
Can not be used on holidays, holiday weeks or holiday weekends. Call for Blackout Dates.
20% applies to Session that ends by 5 PM
Ask about a 10% discount for a Session that starts before 5PM, but ends after 5PM!

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