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June 19, 2019 Wednesday 8AM to 9PM : Our Biggest Sale of the Year! Don't Miss it!

One Day Sale

50 Minute Relaxation MeltAway Massage or Facial

Regular Price $69.00; One Day Sale Price $39.99


60 Minutes Relaxation MeltAway Massage or Facial

Regular Price $80.00; One Day Sale Price $49.99


90 Minutes Relaxation MeltAway Massage or Facial 

Regular Price $109.00; One Day Sale Price $79.99




Plus, we’re also offering a discount on one of our popular couples spa date packages:


Do Not Disturb Couples Retreat 

Regular Price $360.00 One Day Sale Price $299.99

MeltAway Massages, Retreat for the Feet time, Sedate Me Scalp Pampering, foot soaks and extra time to un-wind in slippers and robes. 90 minutes Hands On Time, 2 hours Total Time

Rules and Regulations

One Day Sale certificates can only be purchased in person at the Commack office, 208 Commack Rd., on June 19th from 8am-9pm.

The maximum amount of one day sale gift certificates per customer are 6.

One day sale certificates can be used by the purchaser OR as a gift.

Please be prepared to pay by CASH or CHECK ONLY. Since prices are significantly reduced, credit cards cannot be used to purchase these certificates.

These One Day Sale Certificates are NOT TRACKABLE. We are not responsible for lost or stolen certificates. Treat them as you would a $50 bill.

These certificates cannot be used to purchase any other gift certificate.

Gift Certificates expire on 10/19/19. If used after the expiration date, they can be used ONLY with a balance paid for the regular rate of the relaxation massage/facial. To be clear, the amount that you paid for the certificate will be honored towards the regular price of a session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Melt-away 50,60 and 90- minute Massage?

A melt-away is a 50, 60, or 90-minute massage using aromatherapy, hot rock sampler, and heat treats! This is a savings of $30 only on June 19, 2019. 50-minute massage regular price is $69.00; One Day Sale price $39.99, 60-minutes massage regular price is $80.00; One Day Sale Price $49.99, 90-minutes massage regular is Price $109.00; One Day Sale Price $79.99

What if I can’t make it on June 19th?

June 19th is the only day that the special sale will take place. The Sale will take place from 8am-9pm so that people who work can stop by before or after work. You can also send someone else to purchase the gift certificate(s) for you. The GCs are transferrable so they can be used by someone other than the purchaser.

Why can’t I use a credit card?

We want to keep our costs down and we have passed this savings onto you. Credit card companies charge transaction fees. There will be a $5.00 charge per One Day Sale certificate if a credit card is used.

Can someone who has never been to Hands On purchase or use the gift certificates?

Absolutely! Tell your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors…everyone you know!

Why can’t I use the gift certificates after Oct. 20th?

You can but it will be valued at the price paid and can only be used towards the regular price of a session

What if I lose the gift certificate?

They can’t be tracked and will be treated like cash, so once lost, they cannot be used.

What if I have more than 6 One Day Sale certificates?

An individual can use up to six certificates at these special rates. If you have more than six, you can use the certificate at the price that was paid for it, and receive an additional $10 discount towards the REGULAR price of a massage or facial

These gift certificates CAN be converted into medical massages, costing $5 for every half hour, that would be paid on the date of service, not at the sale.

Pre-orders can be placed starting on June 12, 2019

Please email:


Save 40% Regular Price $120

New-To-You Relaxation Experience
Includes full body Exfoliation, plus hands and feet treats

MeltAway Massage Treatment with full body exfoliation, hot rock sampler, aromatherapy, hot towel treats, lush hydrating wrap for the hands and a treat for the feet. 60-minute session.



Non-Holiday Days • Monday – Thursday 9AM- 5PM

20% off Couples Spa Date Menu valued over $200 before discount

and 20% off most Long Island Spa Parties


  • Must mention this massage spa coupon when booking.
  • It cannot be combined with any other offers or discount massage.
  • Cannot be paid for by Spafinder, Spawish or any type of Gift Certificate.
  • Cannot be used on holidays, holiday weeks or holiday weekends.
  • Call for Blackout Dates 20% applies to Session that ends by 5 PM
  • Ask about a 10% discount for a session before 5PM, but ends after 5PM


So Many Choices… Such an Important Decision… So Much Stress…Let Us Help!  Long Island Spa Deals & Specials! We are Family friendly! Great for teens and adolescents!

For Your Little Darling

Let's face it, a happier teenager makes for a happier family! A pampering Massage and Facial Experience will help imporve body image and sleep patterns and you will contribute to decreased depression, anxiety and stress. Keep a teen connected to her/his body. Begin a wellness program that will last their entire lifetime! Total Time 100 minutes $138.00

For Mom

Mom’s Spa Getaway! Whether she’s a stay at home mom or caught in the corporate world mom, a soccer mom or playing chauffeur mom or if she’s a carrying a baby on the hip mom or carrying your weight on her shoulders mom , she’ll surely enjoy a Mom’s GetAway Package. 75 minute Aromatherapy session, Retreat for the Feet sampler, A Lush Hydrating Wrap for her hands and a cooling facial refresher masque will make her feel special and loved! $130.00

Dad’s Spa Getaway

Whether he’s a couch potato cheering for his team or a Weekend Warrior who just keeps over-doing it or a computer junkie or a news junkie or a young dad, old dad or grand dad, he’s sure to feel spoiled with our Dad’s GetAway Package. 75 minute Aromatherapy session, Retreat for the Feet sampler, A Lush Wrap for his hands and a cooling facial refresher masque $130.00

Pre-Natal / Post-Partum

Tired Mind, Tired Muscles and Very Tired Legs! Spoil her with a massage customized to a woman's personal needs. Reduce stress, decrease swelling, relieve aches & pains, & reduce anxiety and depression. Includes Retreat for her Feet Experience! 60 minutes $95.00

Spa Retreat For Two

Spa Hour Massage (50 Minutes) + Spa Hour Facial (50 Minutes) for 2! $276.00 per couple

For Anyone

I Love You This Much for Him or Her! Extra time is Extra Special for that Extra Special Person! Treat them to a MeltAway Hour plus a 20 minute ``I Wanna Be Sedated`` Scalp massage. Makes a great wedding gift! 80 minutes $132.00

For the one that has everything!

Just take a minute to imagine lying comfortably while a path is traced along your muscles using warm soothing stones and oil. The smooth texture from the stones combined with long, calming strokes relaxes and rejuvenate you from head to toe. 60 Minute $105.00 90 Minute $134.00

Our Long Island Massage And Spa Specials Change Monthly



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