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Complete Price List

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Therapeutic Massage Pricing

Treat your discomfort, stress, and other ailments and find the relief that you need!

30 minutes60
45 minutes82
50 minutes90
60 minutes105
75 minutes130
90 minutes150
120 minutes205

Therapeutic Massage 6 Sessions (Pre- Paid Series)

DurationPrice Per SessionSavings
30 minutes3365624
45 minutes4627730
60 minutes59198.5033
75 minutes72612148
90 minutes835139.1663
120 minutes1140190120

Therapeutic Massage 12 Sessions (Pre- Paid Series)

(12th session is FREE)

30 minutes660
60 minutes1155
75 minutes1430
90 minutes1650
120 minutes2255

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle type of treatment technique that addresses swelling (edema) trapped in your body’s tissues.

(MLD Price – 2.25 per minute)


20 minutes45
30 minutes67.50
50 minutes112.50
60 minutes135

JB Myofascial Release (MFR) Sessions

 Whole body manual therapy technique which will allow you to return to a pain free, active lifestyle.

For Chronic Condition

50 minutes110
60 minutes125
75 minutes155
90 minutes185
120 minutes240

JB Myofascial Release (MFR) 3 Sessions (Introductory Offer)

DurationPricePer SessionSaving
60 minutes33011045

JB Myofascial Release (MFR) 6 Sessions (Pre- Paid Series)

DurationPricePer SessionSaving
60 minutes72012030

Combination Packages Sessions

Discover relaxing and luxurious combination treatments we created for exceptional spa experience.

Dad’s Spa Getaway 75 minutes155
Four Hand Massage 60 minutes240
Hands Like Butter 30 minutes70 
Head and Toes = No More Woes Treatment 45 minutes105
Heavenly Hands for Her    75 minutes155
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage  75 minutes160 
His Heavenly Escape 60 minutes135
I Got Your Back, Scalp and Feet Treats 50 minutes150
I Love You This Much for Him or Her 80 minutes155
I Want to be Sedated Scalp Massage 30 minutes70
It’s A Wrap to Detox and Defend60 minutes150
It’s A Wrap to Detox and Defend90 minutes210
MeltAway Massage with Focus on the Feet60 minutes125
MeltAway Massage with Focus on the Feet75 minutes155
MeltAway Massage with Focus on the Feet90 minutes175
Mom’s Spa Getaway 75 minutes155
Mommy Massage with Focus on the Feet 60 minutes125
Out Of This World CBD Massage60 minutes125
Relax to The Max for Him 120 minutes210
Retreat For the Feet 30 minutes75
Serene Spa Escape 60 minutes135
Serene Spa Escape90 minutes180
Signature Body Treatment 60 minutes140
Signature Body Treatment90 minutes205
Spa Retreat for Students  60 minutes135
Spa Sampler 60 minutes150
The Works Body for Her or Him 120 minutes285 
The Works Face for Her or Him90 minutes 185
We’ve Got Your Back Hot Rock Massage60 minutes140
We’ve Got Your Back Hot Rock Massage90 minutes 205
You Glow Girl!120 minutes 245


Individual Session Enhancements

Treatments can be customized to your specific needs, add enhancement to your massage session for the best spa experience!

Aaah! Spa Foot Ritual 15
Body Butter 10
CBD Erase the Ache, Relieve the Stress Hemp Oil 20
“I Wanna Be Sedated” Scalp Massage 55
Lavender Balm Hydrating Wrap For The Hands 10
Protect and Pamper Essential Oil 10
Retreat for The Feet Sampler 20
Scrub Me Tender Dry Brushing 10
Sweet Feet Treat 15
Treat for the Feet 10
Warm Eye Compress 10

At Home Massage Session

Stay in! Relax and Revitalize in the comfort of your home. Let us bring a day spa at your doorstep!

60 minutes175
75 minutes205
90 minutes240
120 minutes300

Couple's Massage Session

You and yours will receive the ultimate in relaxation and pampering alongside someone you love.

Couple Massage Spa Date Menu

Decadent Duo90 minutes290
Ultimate Decadent Duo 105 minutes345
Ultimate Extended Decadent Duo 120 minutes385
Perfect Pairing Sweet Suite Serenity Experience 90 minutes310
Romance for Two 75 minutes305
Two of a Kind Couples Relaxation Experience 105 minutes420
Himalayan Salt Stone Experience 90 minutes340
Romantic Spa-Licious Getaway 75 minutes340
Romantic Ultimate Spa-Licious Getaway 115 minutes480

We're Together Massage Session


60 minutes 230
75 minutes 285
90 minutes 320

Couple’s Massage Enhancements

Aromatic River Rock Foot Soak30
Milk and Honey Foot Soak 30
Rose Petal Foot Soak 40
Sparkling Beverage and Sweet Chocolate40
The Celebration Package Add-On 75
Retreat for the feet for 2 40


Signature and Specialty Facials, Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels

Customized Facial By Design For Him Or Her


50 minutes 90
60 minutes 105

Focused Facials

Acne 122
Anti-aging or Positive-aging 120
Back, Chest or Butt Facial 130
Champagne Facial 120
Collagen Trans Dermal Facial 130
Detox 125
Gentleman’s 90
Rejuvenating Facial 120
Rosacea 122
Probiotic Microbiome 130
Sensitive Skin 122

Advanced SkinCare Upgrade

 Upgrade Price
Chemical Peels 40
LED Light Treatment 40
Microdermabrasion 40

Spa Party

Spa parties bring people together in a soothing environment that reawakens and rejuvenate the senses.

Saturday or Sunday at the Spa PartyPrice
6-8 Guest$180/Person
4-5 Guest $200/Person