Thank you for choosing Hands On! Without you there is no us!


We offer a wide variety of Massage Therapy techniques from Medical Massage to Relaxation Massage and everything in between. We offer services to match every-body’s unique needs.


Local physicians all over the Long Island community are comfortable referring their patients to us for care. You will feel safe and assured that you are in good hands here. You will even find Oncology Massage Therapy here. We have earned comprehensive credentials and are a verified Cancer Aware Treatment Center, in addition to being a Recommended Community Provider for Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center! Are we proud? Of course, we are! Are you assured of the best care possible? You bet you are!


We are proud to be a John Barnes Myofascial Release Treatment Center for chronic pain. JB MFR is changing lives and helping people get back to their active, pain-free lifestyle! Consider seeing one of our Advanced Integrative Manual Therapists for a complimentary evaluation.


Relax and improve your overall health when you visit our local day spa and treatment center. Feel as good on the outside as you do on the inside with a therapeutic Facial, a Cavi-lipo Cellulite Reduction session or a pampering body treatment. Treat your discomfort, stress, and other ailments and find the relief that you seek when you visit Hands On! Come find your ooohs and ahhhhs and a whole lot more! So welcome Suffolk and Nassau folk!  We appreciate your patronage!

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