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Great for the holidays! Great discounts! Great gifts!


November 26, 2021
November 29th, 2021

60 Minute Medical or Relaxation Massage – $90    $75


90 Minute Medical or Relaxation Massage – $125 $100


50 Minute Customized Facial Treatment – $82   $70


What you need to know:


✔ The sale will start on Friday, November 26th and end November 29th
✔ These Black Friday / Cyber Monday Gift certificates are available online
✔ The maximum amount of gift certificates each client can redeem is 6. Anything over 6 will still retain the dollar amount paid only.
✔ Black Friday and Cyber Monday certificates will expire on 6/30/2022. If not used by 6/30/2022, they will still be good for the dollar amount paid.
There will not be a service charge for on-line certificates on Cyber Monday Sale

Give us a call at 631-462-4263.

If we don’t answer, please leave a message.

As a reminder:

Our top priority has always been to bring an unparalleled safe experience of healing and rejuvenation to our clients, and our resolve is stronger now than ever before. Our team has been hard at work to raise the bar of hygiene and sanitation, as well as considering every step of treatment processes to ensure we meet your needs in a focused and safe manner that is in accordance with government guidelines.



Masks are required here. We are a health care setting with high risk clients. Thank you for your support.